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APRIL 2024

The Winter competitions are now finished and the winners of the 3 categories were:

Ladies singles won by Angela Moscrop.

Mens singles won by Brian Graham.

Mixed pairs won by Angela Moscrop and Iain MacEwan.

Captain`s day went well and a good time was had by all.  The winners of the Captain`s Trophy were Suzanne Hodges and Paul Watkins.

Congratulations to all the winners!


MARCH 2024

Our Winter competitions are going well and should be finished by mid-April.

The Captain`s Day will be held on March 23rd when Members are invited to play for the Captain`s Trophy. It should be a fun day with refreshments on the terrace after the matches. 



Although we play through the Winter months, the last 2 months have been quite quiet, partly due to the bad weather, and also, some of our resident members have taken a break off the island.  Our Winter competitions have now started and will go on til April 2024

We would like to wish all our Members and friends a Merry Christmas and All the Best for a Happy New Year 2024!



This week (30th September - ) we welcomed a visit from the Buckhurst Hill Bowls Club in Essex (close to Epping Forest).

They joined us for games on our 3 Club days, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.  We had an enjoyable week and a good time was had by all - hopefully!!  We do hope to see them again next year for more fun and games!

Photos are shown in our Gallery page.



Due to the extreme temperatures of late we are having to cancel some of our bowling days.  To find out whether or not we are playing please check out our Facebook page - Menorca Bowls Club.  



MAY, 20th, 22nd and 24th, 2023

Once again we had a visit from the Essex County Bowls Club who have been regular visitors for some years (apart from 2 years missed due to the Covid Pandemic). Many regular players whom we have met and played before and we enjoyed 3 days of play with good matches and friendly banter, followed by drinks and more banter on the bar terrace afterwards !!!


MAY 2023

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 18th May in the Hotel Illa de Menorca, S`Algar. This was followed by dinner in the hotel`s dining room.

After the meeting the Winter competition cups were presented, as follows:

Ladies singles (14 ends) - Heather Stansfield

Men`s singles (14 ends) - Iain MacEwan

Mixed Pairs (14 ends) - Heather Stansfield and Del Everson

Ladies Player of the Year - Elaine Villalba

Men`s Player of the Year - Iain MacEwan

The Brian Rourke Trophy 

Overall Player of the Year - Elaine Villalba

Captain`s Cup - Drew and Lindsay Cansfield.


The Committee for the year 2023/2024 is as follows:

President - Elaine Villalba

Captain - Anne Goodyear

Vice Captain - Drew Cansfield

Treasurer - Angela Moscrop

Secretary - Elaine Villalba

Social Secretary - Ros Thomas

Competition Secretary - Heather Stansfield

Green Keeper - Tony Nalik



APRIL 2023

The winners of the Winter cup were:  Elaine Villalba for the Ladies, and Iain MacEwan for the Mens. Congratulations both.


MARCH 2023

On Saturday, 25th March, the Members celebrated Captain`s Day.  The winners of the Captain`s Trophy were Drew and Lindsay Cansfield. The runners-up were Ros Thomas and Ed Green.  Refreshments were served up on the terrace after the matches and a fun day was had by all!!  Congratulations to the winners!



Happy New Year and all the best for 2023!

Our Autumn Cup winners (2022) were: For the Ladies - Elaine Villalba; for the Men - Iain MacEwan.  Congratulations both.



Sadly, on 28th November, the Bowls Club lost another of its Senior Members, Norman Dawson. Although Norman couldn`t bowl for a while, he always came to support the Club. Another Member sadly missed. R.I.P. Norman.



On 1st October we had games with a visiting team from the UK.  Richings Park Bowls Club came over for the week , their first visit to Menorca Bowls Club. We had a very pleasant morning followed by drinks on the terrace after.


Our Summer Cup winners were: For the Ladies Angela Moscrop, and for the men John Gibbons. Congratulations to both, John`s second win this year!!


OCTOBER 19, 2022

Sadly, today, the Bowls Club lost one of its Senior Members. John Ogden was actually our oldest Member at 93.

He had just finished a triples match against 2 of our ladies and said it was one of his most enjoyable games - with the ladies - of course!

We shall miss John.  He enjoyed His bowls and very rarely missed a day. R,I,P, John.


JULY 2022

The winners of the Spring Cup this year were: Elaine Villalba and Heather Stansfield shared the Ladies Cup, and John Gibbons won the Mens.  Congratulations!


MAY 2022

On May 21st we welcomed the Essex County Bowls Club back after a 2 year absence due to the Covid Pandemic.

We had planned to play on 3 days, but due to the bad weather we only managed to play on 2 days. But we had some good matches and a good time. Hopefully, for 2023, we will have more Members to challenge any visiting teams and have some fun!


MAY 2022

Our Annual General Meeting and dinner were held on 19th May at the Picadero Restaurant in Sant Lluis.

After the meeting the Winter Competition Cups were presented to the winners and runners-up.

This years Committee will be:-

President:  Angela Moscrop

Captain:  Elaine Villalba

Vice-Captain:  Anne Goodyear

Treasurer:  Angela Moscrop

Secretary:  Elaine Villalba

Social Secretary:  Ros Thomas

Competition Secretary:  Heather Stansfield


APRIL 2022

We held our Captain`s Day today, 2nd April, and it was a fun day for all.  We had waited so long for decent weather to be able to play, we finally had sun, although it was very cold!!  However, the winners of the Captain`s Cup this year were Lindsay Cansfield and Edward Green.  Congratulations both!!  And thank you to our Captain for the presentation after with merienda and drinks!!


The Winter (Quarterly) Cup was won by Heather Stansfield and John Ogden. Congratulations both!


MARCH 2022

We are almost at the end of March and still playing our Winter Competitions!  Due to bad weather we have missed quite a few days but, hopefully, we will have them finished before the end of April.

We have our first UK team coming over in May so we will have a few challenges for a change!!

Before then we should be having our AGM and presentation of trophies, the date and venue to be decided.



Wishing all our Members and Friends a Happy New Year and all the best for 2022!

Although we are still open on our Club days, we haven`t been playing much over the last 2 months due to the bad weather. Hopefully, once the season starts, we will be seeing much more of our friends from the Clubs in the UK. Here`s hoping for a better, healthier and almost normal year!

We are now playing our matches for the Winter Competitions which should be finished by the end of April - followed by the Trophy Presentation and our AGM.  Watch this space......!!

Our quarterly cup winners for the Autumn Cup 2021 were Heather Stansfield and John Ogden.  Congratulations both!



Today, Thursday, 14th October, we celebrated our end of season lunch.  It was held at the IL MASSONE (Ex-Picadero). A good time was had by all and we said a fond farewell to some of our regular Members who finally made it over from UK to see us. So, adios Pat and John Mash, and Alastair and Irene Kerr, and hopefully we will see you early next year. 




Congratulations to our Summer Cup winners - Mike and Suzanne Hodges.

Suzanne won the Ladies Summer Cup for the second year running.

Mike won the Men´s Summer Cup, having also won the Men`s Player of the Year 2020/2021.

Well done to both!!



Despite the Covid restrictions, and the hot weather we have been having, the Club is running as normal, with the exception of our UK Members who have been unable to come over yet this summer.  September has seen a marked increase in players with the people who have recently arrived for a long awaited holiday!  The Hotels here in S`Algar were unable to open until late July but now, hopefully, things are slowly getting back to normal.

Next year, maybe, we will have some of our visiting teams from England who normally come over for a holiday - and a challenge!


JULY 2021

The Spring Cup winners for 2021 were: Heather Stansfield for the Ladies, and Iain MacEwan and Richard Heigh joint winners for the Mens.


JUNE 2021

Our Annual General Meeting was held at the Casino Bar/Restaurant in Sant Climent on 24th June 2021. We were unable to hold one last year due to the Pandemic restrictions so this was our first since 2019.

After the Meeting we had dinner in the restaurant where the Winter Competition Trophies were presented. Photos are in the Photo Gallery. The winners were as follows:-

Ladies singles  -  Angela Moscrop

Mens singles  -  John Ogden

Mixed singles  -  Angela Moscrop

Senior singles  -  Iain MacEwan

Mixed pairs  -  Angela Moscrop and John Ogden

Random pairs  -  Heather Stansfield and John Ogden

"New Winners" Trophy  -  Richard Heigh

Ladies Player of the Year  -  Elaine Villalba

Mens Player of the Year  -  Mike Hodges

The Brian Rourke Memorial Trophy for Overall Player of the Year  -  Elaine Villalba

Captain`s Cup  -  Suzanne Hodges and Drew Cansfield



President  -  Heather Stansfield

Captain  -  Angela Moscrop

Vice-Captain  -  Elaine Villalba

Secretary  -  Elaine Villalba

Treasurer  -  Angela Moscrop

Social Secretary  -  Ros Thomas

Competition Secretary  -  Heather Stansfield



JUNE 2021

The Government restrictions are slowly lifting which enabled us to hold our Captain`s Day on 22nd May.  This is normally held in April, but as with everything else, things are delayed somewhat.  We are hoping to hold our AGM sometime this month, depending on the restaurants being able to open in the evenings, for some months now they have only opened for lunch, closing by 6pm.

However, the winners of the Captain`s Cup were Suzanne Hodges and Drew Cansfield - who just happened to be the winners last year!!

We are now able to have more players on the green and are hoping to see some new faces in the coming weeks, and, as the flights begin to arrive we should be seeing our UK Members back again.


MARCH 2021

As we are now in Nivel 1, outdoor sports allow 15 people to play.  This means, for the Bowls Club, we can only use 4 of our 7 rinks - playing pairs (2 at each end).  As we are trying to finish our Winter Competitions we have to restrict players to Club Members only.

For anyone wishing to join/try bowls we would ask you to please be patient until restrictions are lifted - hopefully by the summer months.

We have to abide by the Government restrictions and, of course, the Hotel Management.




For our UK Members who are hoping to book accommodation here in S`Algar, the following are the new names of the Hotels/Apartments now with the Alua Hotel Group:-


Hotel San Luis is now Alua Illa de Menorca

Hotel S`Algar is now AluaSoul Menorca

Las Palmeras is now AluaSun Mediterráneo

Vista Faro is now AluaSun Far Menorca


ROC Hotels has reached an agreement with AMResorts with more than 100 establishments in the Caribbean, Spain and Greece. All ROC brand hotels with the exception of (Roc Illetas, Roc Portonova, and destination Cuba) become part of the Alua Hotels & Resorts brand with a high presence in the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Peninsula. From now on you will find all the information and promotions on the official website.


Hopefully we will be enjoying bowls again (sometime) this summer!!


Unfortunately, the Club is still closed due to the Government guidelines.



Unfortunately, we seem to be going from bad to worse.  We are now in Tier 4 of the Government restrictions for the COVIC-19 pandemic.  We have gone from one of the safest places in Spain to one with the highest risk!

Sadly, our English Members have not been able to come over for almost a year now, leaving us with the Resident Members, which total 25. Under the new guidelines we can only play a maximum of 15 Members.

We have missed our fun days with the visiting teams throughtout the summer but are hoping that by May this year we can get back to some kind of normality, especially as the vaccine is now available.


The Portblue Hotel Group who owned the Hotels and Apartment Complexes here in S`Algar have now been taken over by the Alua Hotel Group.  They are renovating all the properties and, hopefully, will be opening by mid-season.

Watch this space!!


MARCH 2020

Due to the Global Health crisis with coronavirus the Club is closed until further notice.


JULY 2020

Although the Portblue Hotels and facilities are still closed, we were finally able to finish our Winter Competitions


Presentation Dinner. 30th July 2020

As we were unable to hold our AGM in May, we had a dinner at the Trattoria Vianella so the winners of the competitions could be presented with the trophies. The winners as above.


The Winners for the 2019/2020 season were:-

Ladies singles:-  Angela Moscrop

Gents singles:-  Iain MacEwan

Mixed singles:-  Elaine Villalba

Senior singles:-  Heather Stansfield

Mixed pairs 71 up:-  Elaine Villalba and John Ogden

Random pairs 21 shots:-  Heather Stansfield and Angela Moscrop

Captain`s Day - Suzanne Hodges and Drew Cansfield

Ladies Player of the Year:-  Elaine Villalba

Gents Player of the Year:-  Iain MacEwan

The Brian Rourke Player of the Year:-  Elaine Villalba


Quarterly Cup winners 2019/2020 season:-

Spring Cup 2019:-  Ladies:-  Elaine Villalba.   Gents - Richard Martin

Summer Cup 2019:-  Ladies:-  Betty Wilkinson and Heather Stansfield.  Gents:-  Steve Mailey

Autumn Cup 2019:-  Ladies:-  Elaine Villalba.  Gents:-  Richard Heigh

Winter Cup 2020:-  Ladies:-  Heather Stansfield.  Gents:-  Derek Everson


October, 2019

25th October saw the arrival of the Hertford Castle team.  Although they only had 14 players we enjoyed a few games with them during there week here, staying at the Hotel San Luis.

It was the last week of the season before everything closed for the winter.  The Club carry on playing throughout the winter, continuing with the winter competitions.


Friday, 27th September, 2019

The Club enjoyed an evening Barbeque at the Healthy Bar, adjacent to the Hotel San Luis in S`Algar.

Members, friends and family alike were invited and we enjoyed a great evening, the Hotel provided a Buffet which went down well.  We also had a surprise birthday cake for our Veteran Member - John Ogden, who was celebrating 90 years!!  Well done John!!


Wednesday, 25th September and Saturday, 28th September, 2019.

This week we enjoyed a visit from the Gala/Chadwell team, accompanied by Judith and Mick of the Gala Leisure Group.

We enjoyed 2 days of matches against them, winning on the Wednesday but losing on the Saturday!!  We lost overall but enjoyed the friendly banter and it was fun!  Well done Chadwell.  We hope to see them back next year so we can have our revenge!!


On Wednesday, 17th July, 2019 the Club enjoyed a visit from the Potters Group who arrived on a cruise and docked in Mahon for the day.

28 bowlers came to S`Algar to play against us, headed by Greg Harlow, who is a World Indoor Bowls Champion.  We had a most enjoyable morning - play started at 10am.  After 8 ends we had a short break up in the bar where the Hotel had provided refreshments for all. Another 8 ends then a final drink and farewell to the group as they were having lunch in the Hotel San Luis before returning to the ship. Photos are shown in the photo gallery.


Captains Day.

Captains Day was held on Saturday, 6th April, 2019. We had a good turn out and, thankfully, good weather!!

Winners of the Captain`s Cup were Dianne Almond and Iain MacEwan. Runners up were Elaine Villalba and Richard Martin, and the Wooden Spoons went to Mike Hodges and Lindsay Cansfield for being last!!